Tyga In Trouble Over Unpaid Ferrari

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald November 30, 05:24 am

Tyga, Micheal Ray Stevenson in real life, had his Ferrari repossessed two times in the past but his trouble may not be over. Reports said the 27-year old American rapper has been sued for his failure to meet the required payments for the lease on his car.

This is not the first controversy for Tyga though as he figured in a controversy the first time the public got wind of his relationship with Kylie Jenner who was reportedly only 16 at that time. Tyga's problems with his Ferrari seems to be a recurring one too.

Daily Mail said Tyga failed to pay his lease for his Ferrari, the reason why it was repossessed way back in August. Tyga however, got his car back after his team threatened to take a legal action. But his troubles involving in Ferrari are definitely back after it was repossessed again in November.

Reports show that Tyga is facing legal action from lessor Alex Benedict for his failure to pay his red Ferrari 488 2016 model. Benedict reportedly filed the legal action in Orange County Superior Court early this month. He said he has inked an agreement with Tyga last May but the latter has failed to honor the agreement.

People said the lessor asked Tyga to pay damages worth $150,000 but the rapper's lawyer did not comment on this. Tyga failed to honor the agreement with Benedict even after the latter allowed him until October 9 to use the car.

"We attempted to work with Tyga and his representatives before filing this lawsuit. Unfortunately, they all but ignored our requests to return the vehicle forcing us to take action and file suit," Benedict's lawyer, Ron Chini said.

Reports show that legal papers were already served to Tyga before his birthday but it is uncertain whether these were for the lawsuit involving the unpaid Ferrari. EOnline also learned that Tyga also owes jeweler Jason Arasheben $280,000 but significant payments have already been made and the balance will be satisfied.

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