‘Bones,' 'Rosewood' Crossover Spoilers: Daisy Wick And TMI's Relationship Revealed

By Carol Marches, Parent Herald November 30, 11:52 am

“Bones,” one of Fox's long-running TV series, is crossing over to the world of "Rosewood." Many think this is the network's way of keeping the latter's ratings up. So which "Bones" character is making the jump?

It will be Dr. Daisy Wick, played by actress Carla Gallo. However, fans of "Bones" and "Rosewood" will not see much of either Washington, D.C. or Miami, where the two shows are set. It has been reported that the episode's story will take place in Cuba. The two teams will be solving two cases, but a connected backstory will be revealed in the episode, TV Guide  reports.

It turns out that "Rosewood's" TMI (Anna Konkle) is Dr. Wick’s roommate. With their connection, TMI will then ask for the expertise of Dr. Wick to help them resolve their case, as reported by Cinema Blend.

There’s still no clear motive in adding Dr. Daisy Wick to “Rosewood’s” episode, but her character has always been great for television shows. Though this is the case, “Bones” is still set to end with Season 12. Currently, Dr. Wick has been laying low in “Bones” Season 11, but is still expected to appear in some episodes of the last season.

Though the "Bones" and "Rosewood" crossover may come as a surprise to their fans, this is not the first time Fox pulled such a strategy. It can be recalled that "Bones" previously made a crossover with "Sleepy Hollow." The two-hour episode has been deemed a success and were met with good reviews.

Can the same be said in the upcoming "Bones" and "Rosewood" crossover? Tune in this Thursday, Dec. 1 on Fox to find out.

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