'Underworld: Blood Wars' Promotional Lens Filter To Be Released By Snapchat, To Have Unique Features?

By Chris Benjamin, Parent Herald December 01, 07:20 pm

In order to promote their upcoming action-horror film "Underworld: Blood Wars," movie production company Screen Gems partnered up with Snapchat again for a unique Snapchat promotional lens filter. The two had previously teamed up for a 360-degree ad on Screen Gem's successful thriller movie "Don't Breathe."

According to Deadline, the Snapchat promotional lens filter will be available to the over 150 million Snapchat users, or "Snapchatters," on December 29. But come December 1, Snapchatters will be able to have a taste of the new filter by finding and snaping "Snapcodes" found in certain "Underworld: Blood Wars" marketing content.

In the report, it mentions that the "Underworld: Blood Wars" Snapchat promotional lense filter will not be the usual overlay like in other Snapchat lens filters. Instead, it will be a unique 360-degree lens filter, the first of its kind among Snapchat's lens filters.

The "Underworld: Blood Wars" Snapchat promotional lens filter will utilize the smartphone's gyroscope to make the 360-degree environment around the Snapchatter. This means that even when the phone moves around, the filter will adapt an Underworld-themed environment instead of being removed.

Also, the filter not only will change the background environment but also will augment the Snapchatter's face to look like a vampire like Selena, the protagonist of "Underworld: Blood Wars."

"Underworld: Blood Wars" will be the fifth film of the "Underworld" saga. The "Underworld" movie franchise began in 2003 and has had generally positive responses from movie critics. The "Underworld" movie franchise also have spinoffs in other media, like the "Underworld" comics and the original "Underworld" novel, "Underworld: Blood Enemy," by Greg Cox. The movie also had a mod for the "Half-Life" game in 2003.

"Underworld: Blood Wars" will follow Selene, a vampire looking to stop an ongoing war between her race and the Lycans while trying to stop the vampire faction that betrayed her. "Underworld: Blood Wars" opens in US theaters on January 6, 2017.

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