Disney's 'The Lion King' Live-Action Release Date, News & Update: VR Tech Will Be Used As Filming Starts, Jon Favreau Confirms

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 02, 04:20 am

Disney's "The Lion King" live-action production is about to get underway and director Jon Favreau is eager to use VR technology in recreating the 1994 animated version. The director believes that there's a lot the technology can do to change filmmaking when VR technology is primarily a tool for video gaming.

Speaking with Coming Soon, Jon Favreau explained that he's had some time to figure out VR technology. He's had shot designs in mind for his next film while working on "Gnomes and Goblins," his VR project. He plans to use VR technology in designing "The Lion King" live-action environment.

"[We will] set shots and to be able to choreograph movement, and move set pieces around before you do the heavy versions of it," he told the news outlet. "You can experience them in real time, so you can move assets around in real time, and start to rough in what you want to do as a filmmaker," he adds.

Jon Favreau thinks the film industry can take advantage of VR technology while exploring new ways to do movies. Not much has changed in their technology for 10 years, which is why he's in the best position and timing to explore the tool for "The Lion King" live-action.

Jon Fevreau will get help from visual effects supervisor Robert Legato for "The Lion King" live-action. The two also worked together on "The Jungle Book," which became their test ground for VR Tech as well.

Legato sort of hinted that the film will be coming out in theaters ahead of "The Jungle Book 2" live-action sequel, Cinema Blend reports. Disney has not yet announced a theater date for "The Lion King" at this point but with these recent pronouncements, expect the live-action movie to become a visual masterpiece.

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