'Giving Voice To The Unborn': Texas Officials Will Now Require Unborn Babies Via Abortion, Miscarriages To Be Cremated, Buried

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 02, 04:00 am

Texas is a hotbed of abortion protests and it seems that the government is willing to take it a step further as they have proposed that people will be required to cremate and bury unborn children. These unborn children are not only those aborted but also those who died from miscarriages at hospitals.

Huffington Post reported that the new legislation will be implemented as of next month. The new rules were initially proposed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott. All health care facilities have to bury or incinerate the fetuses immediately after the abortion. In the past, health care facilities could dispose the unborn children in sanitary landfills.

A fundraising email about the matter was disseminated by Abbott in July. The governor said that he wants to pass the new measures in order to reflect their respect for the sanctity of life and "turn the tides against the soulless abortion industry in Texas." The email came after a Supreme Court announced that the regulations regarding abortion clinics are unconstitutional.

CNN also reported that the governor said the new rules will give voice to the unborn. He said in his email that human life is not a commodity or inconvenience as it is the most basic right.

Many have argued that the new rules will serve no medical benefit. Others believed that it would just impose an undue burden on the citizens of Texas wanting to get access to abortion care. Accordingly, cremation can cost as much as $4,000 but health care officials pointed out that abortion facilities would have to be responsible for the disposal of the fetal remains thus covering the costs.

Proponents of legal abortion added that the new rules are not different from the law that was shut down by the Supreme Court, which aimed to lower the number of abortion facilities operating. The Center for Reproductive Rights also said that the new rules are direct defiance of the ruling of the Supreme Court.

As for the miscarriages that are part of the new rule, these are the miscarriages that took place in hospitals but not those at home. So, what are your thoughts about Texas' new legislation? Sound off below. 

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