Baton Rouge Man Arrested For Killing, Dismembering Parents After Thanksgiving; Sister Clueless Of Brother’s Motive

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 02, 06:22 am

A man allegedly killed his parents then dismembered him but many are puzzled because his sisters said that he seemed fine days before the crime. The family was planning a Christmas reunion before the death of their parents.

Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. were at their home in Knoxville, Tennessee and their children had dinner with them for Thanksgiving. They were supposed to transfer to Joel's mother's mountain home located in Surgoinsville two weeks later where they planned to have a Christmas reunion. However, that will no longer be possible due to their sudden and unexpected deaths.

Joel Michael Guy Jr., 28, was said to be living in Baton Rouge and his parents were planning to cut him off regarding his financial support. Authorities were not sure if this was Joel Michael's motive when he reportedly killed his own parents or if they were not able to tell him that they were cutting him off.

The bodies of Joel Michael's parents were found on Sunday after a welfare check was made, The Washington Post reported. The employer of Lisa said that she did not show up for work so authorities dropped by to check on the couple.

When the employer went to Lisa's house, a barking dog was locked in an upstairs room and the remains of Joel and Lisa were scattered all over the house. CBS News reported that the younger Joel allegedly tried to dissolve the remains of his parents by dissolving them in an acid-based solution.

The investigators said that there were signs of trouble and that it took almost a day before evidence were all processed. It is believed that the parents were killed between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

The sisters of Joel Michael said that they did not feel like there was something off with their brother during the Thanksgiving festivities. There were also no disputes during that day. The suspect has no criminal record or a history of mental illness.

Joel reportedly stayed in Tennessee three days longer than he planned. He was arrested on Tuesday evening at his home in Baton Rouge. He was charged with first-degree murder.

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