Testifying Curcumin Beyond Just An Antidepressant

Curcumin is found in Turmeric (a member of a ginger family; the yellow powdered chemical that contains 2-5% of it). It is being examined thoroughly to prove that it can be a better antidepressant compared to other phytochemicals. Concerning medicine, it has a better effect of anti-inflammatory in our body. It lessens oxidative stress and has a benefit in neurons.

Though it is not absorbed in central nervous system, it has a significant role in affecting the condition of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis that has been changed due to stress and uncontrolled anxiety. It is also being proved that curcumin not is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that reduces pain, but a chemical to lessen depression and anxiety.

Curcumin, compared to other anti-inflammatory compounds, is more recommended regarding curing uncontrolled depression because of some data that shows the beneficial side effects of it instead of random ones. The effect of this phytochemicals focuses on preventing more serious complications of depression. This also controls immunity to prevent Ulcerative colitis that is an abnormal state of the immune system. The fact shows how this compound takes a significant role in lowering the risk of depression and anxiety because it also regulates immunity to fight against foreign bodies as cited on Psychology Today.

Trials testifying curcumin as an effective antidepressant have been conducted on a various group of people who are experiencing early symptoms of anxiety and depression. A dose of 500 mg to 1 gram of curcumin every day that was used against placebo. In 2013, a pilot trial showed no benefit for taking a little amount of dose.

But later on, when a higher dose per day was taken for about 8-12 weeks shows a beneficial effect reducing inflammatory biomarkers. These inflammatory biomarkers such as TNFalpha, interleukin 1B and C-reactive protein and other immune-related diseases have been controlled along the taking process. The trials also proved the beneficial effect of curcumin to those folks who have been experiencing depression are being shifted to regulate their weight and body energy. It was concluded after all the trials that curcumin has side effects similar to placebo.

There are complaints about digestive complications while taking the dose of curcumin, but it should be noted that the said substance is being mixed with other standard medicine and is not separated. Looking beyond the complaints, curcumin is effective in reducing depression and more severe risk of mental disorder.

It will also be used as a progression not just of mental cases, but also to regulate proper diet along with the way. Emily Deans M.D. as a psychology expert tries to examine further health benefits of curcumin. Investigating the effects of the said substance may lead her to hypothesize curcumin to cure insomnia, irritability and another form of anxiety.

For the conclusion, it is still imperative for every individual to be wise in choosing and buying food supplements that are taken daily for medical purposes. Some brands might not be enough and may lead to serious effect in the body instead of reducing complications. US Pharmacopeial can be a big help to guide people on what medicines to buy and take for a risk-free and a healthy life.

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