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Opoid related deaths continually increase over the years causing an alarm among health care providers.

Parenting  24 April '17

The Importance Of Giving Safe Pain Relief To Recovering Opioid Addicts Post Surgery

Health care providers should seek advice to addiction specialist post suregery.

FDA approved Hepatitis C drugs for kids

Parenting  21 April '17

FDA Approves Hepatitis C Drugs In Hopes For Speedy Treatment

FDA made a remarkable gesture upon approving the drug for Hepatitis C.

An Aspirin A Day Could Prevent Both Heart Disease And Colon Cancer

Medicine  4 April '17

Low-Dose Asperin Can Reduce Cancer-Related Deaths

A study revealed that taking aspirin in low doses can potentially reduce cancer-related deaths.

Investigation Reveals Widespread Drug Use In Australian Sport

Body  21 December '16

Prostate Cancer Cure Found? New Promising Treatment Using Deep-Sea Bacteria With Laser Kills Prostate Cancer Cells During Trial

This method and drug just might be the cure everyone is looking for when it comes to prostate cancer.

Female Palestinian Doctor Vaccinates Child

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

New Research Suggests That Doctors Affect A Person's Survival Rate

You'll be surprised to know that your survival rate could lie on the gender of your doctor.

Judgement Given On NHS Restrictions On Alzheimer's Drugs

Mind  20 December '16

New Drug Found To Restore Memory Of Alzheimer's Patients And Give Them Long Life

This drug not only slows down memory loss, but even restores it.

Equal Sues Splenda For False Advertising

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Experts Are Now Looking At Sugar As Culprit To Many Deadly Diseases Like Cancer

Sugar just might be the leading cause of not just diabetes, but even cancer.

Becoming Bald

Medicine  9 December '16

Four Medical Conditions That May Change Your Hair Looks

Lots of us wanted a perfectly styled hair, a hair that is finely combed or beautifully gelled. Others even do get mad for having a bad hair day over just an ordinary day. These all are just in a normal circumstances how much more with a medical condition which make affects not just your hair but as well as your teeth, tongue, skin and other parts of your body.

Florida Struggles With Legal Herbal Supplement Which Mirrors Opiate Narcotic Effects

Health/Nutrition  5 December '16

Healthy Women Should Take Breast Cancer Pill

Hundreds of thousands of healthy women should take pills to cut their risk of breast cancer.

Circumin Beyond A Mere Antidepressant

Medicine  3 December '16

Testifying Curcumin Beyond Just An Antidepressant

Many people nowadays, especially mature ones, are experiencing atypical depression caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle and not having proper medication to prevent serious diseases. But some of them are sticking with food supplements that have an antioxidant to reduce the risk of illness and depression and to stabilize immunity. Those are needed for the body to fight foreign bodies. However, their phytochemicals are not enough for the body and may lead to more severe side effects. Emily Deans M.D. stated at Psychology Today about food supplements that are not advisable for curing depression and other illnesses. But she proposed Curcumin as an antidepressant, though it’s still skeptical and its phytochemicals need further examination.

University of Utah Researchers Work Toward Cure For Ebola Strains

Health/Nutrition  21 November '16

Drug-Resistant Germs: A Cause Of Serious Infections, Capable Of Uncountable Deaths?

World leaders are pushing to end the overuse of antibiotics and to encourage the development of new medicines.

Safety sign for Marijuana.

Health/Nutrition  22 October '16

More Evidence for Medical Marijuana; More States to Legalize Drug?

Marijuana has been the subject of debate around the world due to the health benefits that it has been claimed to give from people who have tried it. This is why people are pushing for the legalization of marijuana in several states, especially now where more evidence has come to light in the usage of medical marijuana.

Uterus Transplant

Pregnancy  6 October '16

Uterus Transplant [LATEST UPDATE]: A Ground-Breaking Event In Medicine – What Can Be Expected After The Surgery?

The uterus transplant is considered a breakthrough in the field of medicine and just like any other surgeries, this too, has several effects.

Uninsured Patients Receive Medical Attention At Health Clinic

Nutrition  14 September '16

Dosing Cups Are Causing Parents To Overdose Their Kids, Study Says

According to a new research, more than 80 percent of parents overdose their kids, especially when using dosing cups instead of oral syringes.

Worlds Smallest Surviving Baby Makes First Public Appearance

Family ♥ Story  11 September '16

The Tragic Story Behind Viral Facebook Photo Shows That It Is More Than Just Hugging Twin Babies

A photo of baby boy Mason hugging his twin brother Hawk went viral on Facebook with over 120,000 likes. The photo shares the heartbreaking story of the twins when days after it was taken, the worst happened.

Israeli Laboratory Leads Western World In Blood Testing

Medicine  8 September '16

Medicine Vs. Artificial Intelligence: How Machine Learning Can Help In Lung Diseases Detection And Diagnosis

Hearing or learning the news about how artificial intelligence improves detection and diagnosis in the field of medicine is really nothing new. Following AI’s impact on cancer, eye disease, mental health disorders and autism diagnosis, a recent study found that machine learning could help improve the accuracy of lung diseases diagnosis.

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Medicine  31 August '16

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Cancer: How Can AI Help Doctors In Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Artificial intelligence has already proven its usefulness in the field of medicine. Now, a new research outlined how an AI-based software can assist doctors in diagnosing breast cancer.

2016 Many Faces Of Mental Health Gala

Medicine  26 August '16

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Medicine: How Can Machine Learning Assist In Mental Health Disorder Diagnosis?

It’s an undeniable fact that artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a major influence in the lives of humans today. As AI revolutionizes the broad field of medicine, researchers believed that its machine learning approach could be helpful in aiding the diagnosis of mental health disorders.

National Pharmaceutical Factory Threatened To Close In Gaza

Health  19 August '16

Pregnancy News: Use of Antipsychotic Drugs In Early Pregnancy Does Not Lead To Greater Risk Of Birth Defects

There is no significant rise in the risk of giving birth to children with birth defects for mothers who use antipsychotics in early pregnancy, a study showed.

NZ Federal Budget Expected To Reveal Surplus And New Spending

Medicine  16 August '16

Will Your Prescription Drugs Still be Covered Next Year?

Large prescription insurers are taking a lot of drugs off of their list.

Berlin Hemp Parade 2016

Behavior  16 August '16

Teens Who Use Marijuana are More Likely to Experience Psychotic Symptoms' Research Says

Teens, especially males, may feel the adverse effects of drug use even after a year of not using them.

The Duke Of Cambridge Visits The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Health/Nutrition  15 August '16

This is Why Doctors Would Want Computerized Assistants for Cancer Care

Doctors are now working together with supercomputers for faster treatment and diagnosis.

30th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner To Benefit The Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis - Dinner

Body  15 August '16

Researchers Have Found Ways to Achieve 'Partial Recovery' for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

A group of researchers in Brazil have helped people with spinal cord injuries regain partial functioning with the help of machines.

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