Prostate Cancer Cure Found? New Promising Treatment Using Deep-Sea Bacteria With Laser Kills Prostate Cancer Cells During Trial

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 21, 09:57 pm

Scientists found a new way to kill prostate cancer cells and it doesn't even involve surgery. On Dec. 20, news about deep-sea bacteria in a drug used with a laser has been making rounds online because of its ability to kill cancer cells.

In an article published by Fox News, this promising new method doesn't only surprise people because of its non-invasive nature of treatment but it even maintains the healthy tissue in the body while the patient is at it. It is quite surprising because usual cancer treatments would kill both the cancer cells and the healthy ones but this new trial treatment does it differently.

The process involves injecting a deep-sea bacteria drug to a patient targeting the bloodstream. This drug has to be activated by a laser first in order to be effective in killing prostate cancer cells. The people behind this research tested this drug in 413 prostate cancer victims and half of them experienced remission. That number alone has proven it is effective than doing control group treatment.

The lead scientist for this project and consultant urologist at the University College London, Mark Emberton, said that this drug brings forth great news to men who are diagnosed early with prostate cancer. This treatment could possibly kill the cancer cells without them having to lose their prostate. He added that this is indeed a huge medical breakthrough.

WebMD described this latest treatment as transformative based on what scientists also had to say about it. For a drug to not give severe side effects, especially for cancer patients, is rare. That is why it is a big deal.

Should this treatment finally becomes available worldwide, men who are prostate cancer patients won't need to undergo radiation therapy that usually results in impotence and urinary infections. So, tell everyone in your social network about this great news.

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