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University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations

Education  9 February '17

California Teen Gets Early Graduation Rites So His Dying Dad Could Witness It

Noah Le'Cap offered his diploma and mortar board to his father, Alfred, in the graduation the school mounted at their house.

Investigation Reveals Widespread Drug Use In Australian Sport

Body  21 December '16

Prostate Cancer Cure Found? New Promising Treatment Using Deep-Sea Bacteria With Laser Kills Prostate Cancer Cells During Trial

This method and drug just might be the cure everyone is looking for when it comes to prostate cancer.

Researchers Discuss New Protein Microscope

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

Prostate Cancer Advances With Laser-activated Drug

A novel treatement for prostate cancer is underway with the use of a laser-activated drug that is minimally invasive compared to surgery is underway.

'Little Boxes' Premiere - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Health/Nutrition  23 November '16

‘I’m Doing Great’: Ben Stiller Reveals Condition After His Fight With Prostate Cancer Two Years Ago

Ben Stiller shared his previous combat with prostate cancer in his first interview on television. Now, he disclosed that he is free of prostate cancer and wanted to help others fight cancer through giving awareness.

Protective foods for prostate cancer

Health/Nutrition  1 November '16

Saying ‘No’ To Red & Cured Meat, Key To Conquering Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is treatable but some still die of it. The key to conquer this disease is to have good diet.

Germany Is Home To Record Number Of Foreigners

Body  20 July '16

Prostate Cancer Update: More Men Are Being Diagnosed With Aggressive Prostate Cancer; Absence Of Early Screening Tests To Be Blamed?

Doctors found that since 2004, cases of metastatic prostate cancer almost doubled in men aged between 55 and 69 despite less PSA testing. A task force ruled against PSA testing because it provides unnecessary treatments that can harm the patient more.

New Study Finds That U.S. Obesity Rates Continue To Climb

Health/Nutrition  3 June '16

Men With Larger Waistlines Have Higher Chances Of Developing Prostate Cancer! Here’s Why

Researchers found that men with higher body mass index, or BMI, and larger waistlines are more likely to develop prostate cancer. Early prostate cancer does not exhibit symptoms, but the more advanced stage does.

Cancer Treatment Center Offers Hope For Afflicted

Medicine  2 May '16

Cancer News: New Drugs Could Fight Aggresive Prostate Cancers

New cancer drugs called Hsp90 inhibitors could be used to fight prostate cancers that are not responsive to traditional treatment.

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Medicine  2 May '16

Study: Researchers Find A New Treatment For Lethal Resistant Prostate Cancers

A new study discovered a potential resistance busting drug for resistant prostate cancers.

Parliament Resumes With Malcolm Turnbull As Prime Minister

Body  27 April '16

Prostate Cancer: Men Who Don't Ejaculate Often May Be Up For Higher Risk

Men who do not have frequent ejaculation may have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

85 Gourmet Sandwich Goes On Sale

Body  25 April '16

Prostate Cancer Prevention: Foods Rich In Lycopene And Vitamin D Can Reduce Risk

Nutrition might have a big impact on prostate cancer risk reduction.

Cancer Treatment Center Offers Hope For Afflicted

Body  21 April '16

Cancer 2016 News & Update: Study Says Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Has 98 Percent Cure Rate For Prostate Cancer

Researchers discovered that an alternative method of delivering radiation therapy to prostate cancer patients is more efficient than traditional approaches.

Lop Buri Temple Converted Into Treatment Center For HIV Patients

Health/Nutrition  13 April '16

Study: Prostate Cancer Medications Link To Depression

A new study links hormone therapy for prostate cancer to depression.

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

Health/Nutrition  4 April '16

Diagnosis Gone Wrong: Dozens Of South Australian Men Get Positive Prostate Cancer Results

SA Pathology in South Australia has received negative publicity after wrongly diagnosing prostate cancer in dozens of male patients.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Invites You To The 2015 New York Dinner With Celebrity Hosts Whoopi Goldberg & John O'Hurley At The Pierre Hotel

Health/Nutrition  21 March '16

Miami Urologist Develops Technology That Treats Advanced-Staged Prostate Cancer

Miami urologist and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound expert George M. Suarez is developing a new medical procedure which could potentially treat advanced-staged prostate cancer with the help of the HIFU treatment.

Prostate Exam

Health/Nutrition  18 March '16

Prostate Cancer Prevention Tips: 4 Ways To Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Discover how you can reduce your risk for developing prostate cancer.


Health/Nutrition  22 February '16

Circumcision Reduces STD Transmission, Lowers Risk of Penis and Prostate Cancer And Boosts Fertility According To Expert

Men who get circumcised have a reduced risk in STD transmission, penis cancer and prostate cancer while may also boost fertility at the same time.


Food  4 February '16

Healthy Diet Problem: Nutritious Foods For Healthy Body Are More Expensive Than Junk Food

Study says that more people are not practicing healthy diet due to higher costs.

Aspirin reduces risk of prostate cancer

Health/Nutrition  9 January '16

Aspirin Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer [VIDEO]

Regular use of aspirin may reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer, according to a new study.


Health/Nutrition  3 May '13

Urology Group Says Routine Prostate Cancer Screening Not Required for Healthy Men Under 55

In newly released guidelines by the American Urological Association (AUA), now healthy men under 55 don't need routine annual prostate cancer screening.

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