Four Medical Conditions That May Change Your Hair Looks


Want a hair that's thicker than a dictionary? Then, get pregnant! It may sound awkward, but it's true. A human's hair will become thicker when an individual gets pregnant because of this slowdowns the growth of our hair which makes it appear thicker. But it is not permanent because after giving birth, the hormone levels that is responsible for this phenomena will return to its normal level.

We must take at least 10 milligrams of vitamin C a day to avoid diseases, said National Institute of Health.Failed to attain this may lead to your hair to grow in a coiled pattern caused by the hair follicle bleedings. This type of vitamin deficiency is best known as one affecting pirate. People who are lack in this kind of vitamin will go to suffer bleeding gums, weak teeth, & skin discoloration.


Medical practitioners categorize hair loss factors into minor ones like thyroid complications, contagious disease, and stress. According to the study of Mayo Clinic, a hundred hair a day loss is healthy since a new hair will grow at the same time but hormonal imbalances like in thyroids may result in a higher number of hair loss. Ringworms, on the other hand, is a kind of infection that causes the scalp to itch and leave bald patches but don't worry, as long as it's not severe then we can still treat it. Lastly, stress might initiate alopecia which makes our hair follicles to rest leading to a hair loss.

Dandruff occurs when a dead skin will start appearing, and according to American Academy of Dermatologists, this could be treated by shampoos. Take note; dandruff doesn't only be seen on scalps; it as well appears in our eyebrows, side of nose and ears, groins and armpits. However, this dandruff may be a signal that what you're using isn't ideal to you. A particular research says it's seborrheic dermatitis which is caused by a fungus that irritates our spur skin cell growth. Furthermore, neurological diseases such as the Parkinson's & immune system deficiency diseases may be a factor of having dandruff but still unclear why until this days.

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