'NES Classic Edition' Restock Update: Walmart, Gamestop And Jet, Urban Outfitter Confirmed More Stock Of Nintendo's Classic Console

The very popular "NES Classic Edition" was initially released in November and just a minute everything was sold out. A lot of buyers were excited this December because this is a time of giving presents and Mini NES Classic might be an item that could be passed as gift to someone who really wants to have it. After Walmart, Gamestop and Jet, Urban Outfitter confirms stock update today.

Urban Outfitter is a clothing line and according to News Everyday, it will make available the "NES Classic Edition" on Dec. 6, 2016. Nintendo also announced that it will release more stocks soonIt should be recalled that stores like the Walmart, Gamestop and Jet  made the "NES Classic Edition" available on Dec. 4, 2016. Due to its high demand, many people were excited that some waited for almost eight hours in the line just to buy it and there are others who consulted some online websites that might sell it.

However, some people say that there is an assurance that for the second time, "NES Classic Edition" will be out of stock immediately that is why Nintendo should prepare for another re-stocking in case it will happen. Daily Dot reported that this event may just be Nintendo's style to increase the popularity of the item.

It is said that the company wants to make Mini NES Classic be known by limiting the stocks and letting the buyers be conscious of the new gadget. There are even some who joked that Nintendo might not be aware of the popularity of "NES Classic Edition." There are plenty of rumors that came out, but one thing is guaranteed and everyone is excited and can't wait to buy the Mini NES Classic.

There is also a new wireless controller that is pretty much compatible to "NES Classic Edition" that is produced by 8Bitdo and someone can buy it for only $39.99. Due to its popularity to the public, the management of Nintendo alerted everyone to buy intelligently for there may be plenty of scams online on internet shops that could make buyers as victims. 


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