Five Strategies To Help Kids Do Better In School: The Key To Knowing What’s Best For Them

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 05, 07:50 am

These days, parents take control over all possible variables to ensure that their children have not only the best chances in life but also all the tools to land on top and become successful. Every parent wants to raise kids to be an achiever. But there is a danger in pigeonholing kids to a limited view of success.

Parents must take a step back to assess first what achievement or success means to them, Empowering Parents says. Do they want their child to be the best in his class (or his entire batch or age group), or do they want the best for their child? The following are the top five strategies to help children do well in school:

First is for the parents to know their child's talents and skills. They must play up their child's uniqueness by uncovering and focusing on his strengths and giving him the opportunities to enhance these.

Next is learning weaknesses and limitations. Parents must understand that their child (as perfect as they'd like him to be) has shortcomings. Parents must figure out a way to help him navigate these problem areas by helping him find ways to manage difficult tasks and requirements.

Third would be to recognize and affirm his efforts. Parents must send the message that they value hard work and his discipline, determination and effort to do well. These are values that will work for him in the long run. These may or may not translate into getting the highest mark or top honors but the diligence will take him far in the bigger scheme of things.

Fourth would be to celebrate when he completes his requirements. Parents must imbibe in their child the need not just to start well but also to end well.

According to Psychology Today, working through apprehensions and difficulties is a feat that even grownups need to go through every day. Having that mindset to finish what he has started completely and fully is significant.

The last but not the least of all tips would be to support the kid's interests. If a child wants to join competitions, clubs or activities in school, parents must support and open doors for him. The entire experience should enrich their child's budding greatness but parents must let him do it his own way.

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