Find Out How Controversial EpiPens Price Got Driven Amazingly Lower

Parents took to social media to voice out their outrage on the high prices of EpiPens, a powerful anti-allergy medication. They voiced their disgust and even uploaded proofs of purchase of just how much they were paying for a package of this very valuable drug to people with serious types of allergies. There were some who even took to the streets to express their rage.

 Even prominent government figures like Sec. Hillary Clinton expressed concern and joined in calls to ask it's maker company Mylan, Inc., to cut the cost. A lawmaker from Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, having a child with this kind of reaction, called for a probe into this controversy as reported by NY Times.

Amazingly, after sessions with the US Congress FDA.ORG mentioned that, Mylan has come up with a generic to sell it at a much lower price, half of the original price. BBC.COM From a $600 price, up to even a weightier $925 price, EpiPens is finally available at $300 and some brands with the same generic even sell at a cost of as low as $140. From 2009 the price of EpiPen jumped five times over, earlier in 2016. Mylan constantly raised the price of their product

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It all started when actress Mellini Kantayya, whose husband has an allergic reaction as well, learned from her friend after exchanging messages on Facebook, about how expensive EpiPens was. Having read about it from a website, she decided to start an appeal to demand the lower prices of EpiPen through an online petition and garnered thousands of signatures. She published shout outs about the issue and shared to hundreds of her friends on Facebook. And then another advocate of the said matter, also did the same thing, sending the message to thousands of parents and advocates who had the same predicament. Bernie Sanders also turned to Twitter to articulate his sentiment CNNMoney.COM mentioned on their report.

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