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Food allergic disease EoE

Health/Nutrition  4 May '18

Discovery Could Lead To Personalized Medical Therapies for Emerging New Food Allergy Disorder

Experts identify subtypes of esosinophilic esophagitis or EoE, an emerging food allergy. The new findings highlight different clinical features and molecular pathways that may help in developing treatment.

EpiPen Prices Soar, Rattling Consumers

Medicine  6 December '16

Find Out How Controversial EpiPens Price Got Driven Amazingly Lower

The price of EpiPens, a powerful anti-allergy medication had been increasing the past years. Find out how public outrage was able to deliver amazing results.

Diet That Could Prevent Food Allergies

Body  27 June '16

Here’s a Simple Diet That Could Prevent Food Allergies, A New Study Reveals

A new study found a high-fiber diet, enriched with vitamin A could help reduce the fatal risk of food allergies.

peanut butter kiss - is potentially-fatal

Medicine  13 June '16

Peanut Allergy Warning: Girl Dead After Fatal Peanut-Allergy Kiss With Boyfriend

A mother shares peanut allergy warning to others after her daughter died of peanut butter kiss.

Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Pregnancy  8 March '16

Breast Milk Can Cause Food Allergies in Babies

Breast milk can cause babies to develop food allergies. Mothers should always be mindful of what to eat so they can prevent further allergic reactions in the future.

peanut allergy

Food  8 March '16

Exposing Babies To Peanuts At The Early Age May Save Them From Peanut Allergy

A recent research might be the possible solution to save children from the potentially life-threatening peanut allergies.

Allergy test on child

Toddler  22 February '16

Oral Immunotherapy Can Reverse Children’s Food Allergies By 100 Percent; May Be Combined With Therapy A Study Reveals

Groundbreaking research shows promising results in treating food allergies using oral immunotherapy in kids while also suggesting therapy to help with the treatment.


Health/Nutrition  11 December '13

Each food fish can cause specific allergies

Food allergies are evidently much more specific than previously assumed. More precise tests may allow allergy sufferers more freedom of food choice in the future. This is the result of studies carried out by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), the University of Leipzig and the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. The researchers examined patients with a Nile perch allergy. Being allergic to Nile perch does not mean also being allergic to cod. Furthermore, species-specific allergens were identified that may help to improve avoidance strategies against such food allergies and make them more specific, the researchers write in the scientific journal Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology (JIACI).

 Peanut Allergies

Health/Nutrition  31 October '13

CDC Rolls Out New Food Allergy Guidelines for Schools

It's a great day for parents of children with good allergies - the federal government is issuing its first guidelines to schools on how to protect children with food allergies.

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