Going Viral: College Professor Babysits Student's 2 Kids While Single Mom Finishes Final Exams

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 06, 04:00 am

A college professor's photo has gone viral on the internet and it's for a great thing. Dr. Daniel Krebs was photographed patiently babysitting for his student's two kids, while their mom took her final exams for Kreb's Military History class.

Monica Romero, 28 and a single mother, was supposed to have a babysitter for her children -- Marcus, 4, and Mikayla, 5 -- on the day of her exams. When the babysitter cancelled at the last minute, she had no choice but to bring them to class at the University of Louisville.

She let the kids stay at the hall just outside her classroom and left her laptop to keep them occupied. But the kids soon argued over who should get their turn. By then, the single mom was anxious that her professor would ask her to leave to tend to her children, according to Buzzfeed. Instead, Daniel Krebs told her to finish her exams and took care of the children himself.

Later, a friend spotted the professor playing with Monica Romero's kids and took their photo to post on Facebook. "Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight," Victoria Henry wrote on the social media site.

Monica Romero was also surprised by her professor's kind gesture. But with the university's small class for military students, it wasn't surprising to see such help being extended.

The professor said that what he did was just "common sense," The Denver Channel reported. He cited that Monica, being a single mom with two children and supporting herself to finish school is more impressive than him babysitting her kids for less than an hour.

He confessed though that he had a handful with two kids. "I was so distracted that I didn't know people were taking photos of me," he told the news outlet. The Romero children, however, cannot forget their new friend and have been asking their mom if they could go to her class again.

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