Parenting Tips: Behavioral Problems In Children That Parents Should Take Note Of

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 06, 09:48 am

Children can evolve fro, one behavior to another. Though it may seem normal for them to throw temper tantrums, it was reported that parents should take note of their child's unpredictable behavior.

The Parents magazine says that there are six such behavioral traits and habits
of your child that you should not ignore no matter what. However, you should
act in a planned and systematic manner:

These habits include:

 Talking too much should not be discouraged. Your kid might be excited to share something with you or tell you a story. Asking him to shut up might demotivate him, however, if you are about to visit a friend or relative, tell your kid to stay calm and not talk a lot before leaving as it doesn't look nice.

Respond with a sane reaction rather than screaming or beating your child as it might affect his personality development negatively. For example, Very Well says that if he punches a mate, he should be dealt in a stricter manner, however, little acts like teasing or pinching should be dealt mildly, depending upon the nature of the act.

 When you repeatedly tell your kid to perform something he does not want to do, will give an impression of stubbornness and rigidity that will develop in his personality later on. Hence, to cater it, rather than shouting from across the room, walk up to him and tell him what he needs to do. It will have more of an impact.

If you let your kid pick whatever he wants from a very young age, it is unlikely that your child will develop a habit of following the rules. Hence, try to make small house rules and include a punishment when he
breaks them and a small treat when he follows them to encourage him.

Watch his attitude. It is common among teens to have a rebellious attitude, but these habits develop at a young age. Hence, do tell your kid from a very young age if he says anything rude that it does not look nice. Demotivate your kids when you find him exaggerating things. It may look insignificant, but the habit of lying may become a permanent one.

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