Millions To Benefit Expectantly If Kratom Finally Permitted

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA opened lines of communication to the public after it took back what it said would classify Kratom as banned substance. In August this year, the DEA allowed a time of status quo as it officially pulled out its intention to ban Kratom. The Food and Drug Administration was also sought to quickly come up with its groundwork on Kratom. 

CNN.COM mentioned that thousands were angry and many pleaded to otherwise  allow its use for medical purposes. A staggering 3 to 5 Million people use it as an alternative to painkillers, herbal supplements and relief to anxiety plus a number of other disorders associated with pain. Although there are people against permitting the coffee like herb, even more, do not want it to be restricted. A study shows that Kratom is actually harmless and a number of people consume it as a herbal supplement.

The people are awaiting the DEA's decision as it ended the time frame in the 1st of December. A total of 22,000 negative reviews were received by the agency from Kratom consumers and supporters.I

The Power Of Social Media

Earlier in 2016, parents and advocates took to social media what they concluded were unfair business practices. The price of EpiPens steadily rose to up to even a $900 price tag on a 2 piece pack.  The public outcry demonstrated in the streets and on social media like Facebook and Twitter drove the US government's legislative branch to launch a probe. As a result of the inquiry, Mylan, Inc. was able to provide a generic equivalent of the drug and drove to slash the price to as low as $300.

Millions await the final decision of the DEA. Will it ban Kratom and create an even darker scenario or not, and continue to relieve an otherwise difficult medical or physical predicament.

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