'Fast and Furious 8' Star Ludacris Confirms Role, Considers Fatherhood As God's Best Gift

"Fast and Furious" star Ludacris will be joining "Doc McStuffins," an animated show on Disney Junior. .   

The "Ludaversal" rapper will be a guest star in the Disney animated series as a flying Pegasus toy named Get-Well Gus, People has learned. Ludacris admitted that he was a fan of the show. He loves the animation and everything about it. He thinks that it has a great message and creativity; in fact, two of his daughters watch it.

"I think it's good because it really shows kids how to take care of themselves and to look at it differently whenever they get hurt as opposed to feeling bad about it," says the 37-year-old actor and rapper.

Ludacris has two daughters from previous relationships, Cai, 20 months, and Karma, 14. Last May, Ludacris and wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, welcomed their daughter, Cadence Gaelle. The arrival of his youngest child was a blessing for Ludacris, who is a dad for the third time.

"It's the best gift that God can give to anyone so I'm very blessed," Ludacris said about his youngest daughter. "It motivates me to just want to continue to work harder and to set a great example for the kids, and to just build this [strong] foundation."

With three young children at home, the "Fast and Furious" star admits that he considers his family when choosing projects, and, as much as possible, he wants to be near them. He adds that he is at home most of the time. "It's really having more of my work at home and not having to travel as much. If I do travel, it'll be around their schedules," he adds.

On the other hand, besides getting busy and enjoying fatherhood, Ludacris will be reprising his role for "Furious 8." At the Teen Choice Award, the actor confirms that the movie is in the works. In an interview with Liz Hernandez of Access Hollywood, he said, "'Furious 8' is happening, we start shooting next year and it comes out April of 2017."

When asked if he was excited about the movie, he confirmed that he was. Ludacris added that he was also excited to make his daughters proud and to continue putting food on the table.

Despite being a very hands-on dad, he also makes sure that he has time with his wife. The couple still goes on dates and vacations away from the kids. With their first wedding anniversary coming up, Ludacris is not sure what they are going to do but teases that it will be something "romantic and big."

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