Oakland Warehouse Fire Update: Refrigerator, Wirings Probable Cause; Father Of Twin Girls Posted Video An Hour Before Death

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 08, 06:00 am

More details recently surfaced about the deadly warehouse fire in Oakland, California as authorities believed that a refrigerator and wirings have caused the fatal blaze. One of the victims was also identified as a father of four-year-old twin girls who posted a video of him and other people inside the warehouse an hour before the fire started.

People reported that the father was identified as 35-year-old Alex Ghassan. The video was posted on Instagram and said that the warehouse reminded him so much of his time in New Jersey.

Ghassan is from New Jersey, as per his friend, Michael Richardson. Both of them have been to too many places like the warehouse and they never thought it would be their last time to be in such places together.

Ghassan moved to Oakland in order to be closer to his twins, Alex and Lucy. Ghassan and the girls' mother split in the past and Richardson said that the victim loved his daughters and treated them as his whole world and life.

A total of 36 people died from the incident and it's unclear if there are more bodies inside the warehouse that might not have been recovered yet. The girlfriend of Ghassan, Hanna Henrikka Ruax, is still missing but has not been officially identified as one of the casualties of the fatal fire. Ruax is from Finland and just arrived in the United States a few days before the fire.

Many of those who died during the fatal fire were only there for an electronic music concert and to support independent artists, The Wall Street Journal reported. A couple also perished from the incident and a teenager also lost his life.

The warehouse, known as Ghost Ship, reportedly became the subject of health and safety complaints for two years. It is possible that a refrigerator was the cause of the fire but authorities are still investigating.

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