Smoking Banned In Presence Of Children

In Scotland, a new law has come into force which makes it illegal to smoke for people who are under 18. The change has been dismissed by the campaigners of smokers right as baseless signaling of virtue.

According to BBC News, the people who were caught breaking the new law faced up to £1,000 fine. Ms Campbell illustrated that the point of bringing forward the law was for changing the behavior of the people rather than punishing people. The law was brought out by Jim Hume through a member's bill in parliament's last session and at midnight, it was enforced.

In 2015, in Wales and England, a similar kind of law was enforced. Though there are great difficulties being faced in order to enforce the law. The second-hand- smoke is able to cause serious health conditions including pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis as per a research.

Authorities came to know by talking to the parents that they want their children to be protected from smoke of tobacco. But are often unaware of the fact that how smoke has a harmful effect and lingers even when it can be seen or smelt, said Sheila Duffy.

A clear message is being sent with the legislation that the children must be growing up in an environment that is smoke free and who could be the one disagreeing with this? The second-hand smoke's exposure will not only be lessened but will help a long way as well in making Scotland in becoming a generation that is free from tobacco, said, Irene Johnstone.

The new law however, is termed completely baseless by the Forest group of smokers, NCBI states.
According to Simon Clark, the new law is not at necessity and is patronizing. In the presence of children, very few adults are habitual to smoke in car. As they know that it is in inconsiderate.

So, finding the few people who smoke while there is a child present in the car will be like finding a needle in the haystack. Only one person in whole England was caught and charged with fine since the acceptance of this law last year.

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