What Texas Needs To Know In Its Epic Battle Against Abortion

By Cheryl Ruth Santos, Parent Herald December 11, 07:50 am

In Texas, women who are contemplating or weighing in on having an abortion are in for more thinking to do and pro-abortionists are not happy about it. Informative literature was handed out targeting women, although this initiative has long been backed up by legislation.

The leaflets included information ranging from conception to adoption options. It specified health risks including a heightened probability of having breast cancer on women who experience induced termination of pregnancy. Pro-abortion activists said this has not been proven and it was all over the news that this was not true.

The booklet is entitled "A Woman's Right to Know", which is available online, mentions specific references regarding these studies that prove the link between this women's disease and abortion. Dangers also include serious mental health issues and even death. The leaflets further include important contact information as well as helpful information regarding the fetal development and overall mother's psychological well-being.

Previously, in one of its attempts to stop abortion after losing their latest case with the US Supreme Court, Texas required medical facilities providing abortion procedures take responsibility for the dead babies or fetus, and not just consider them as medical rubbish. This meant that they should be accorded with proper interment services, by burial or incineration. 

In the past, a number of clinics offering abortion procedures have closed down due to legislative measures put up to stop this practice. Interestingly, some pregnancy help clinics have also come up recently assisting pregnant women in terms of pre-natal care and counseling. But negative opinions have been aired about these facilities, saying that the women are given false information and to try to coerce them in keeping their baby in the womb.

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