How Relationship With Parents Affects Low-Income Children’s Health

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 12, 07:38 pm

Poor families have lots of difficulties in raising their children. Providing them with quality education, proper meals and most importantly, a complete healthcare is undoubtedly hard for them. The impoverished populations are linked with poor health standards all around the world, especially in children.

According to Science Blog, a study was conducted by San Francisco State University to analyze the effects of parenting on health. The lead author of the study, Melissa Hagan, an associate professor of psychology at the university, stated that it is a general perception that negative environment can affect physical health but results have shown that a good parenting can actually produce positive health outcomes.

Three hundred thirty-eight kindergartens, taken from varied backgrounds, took part in the study. An analysis of their health at the beginning and end of the year showed that low-income students had poorer health in comparison with other children. Results showed that the health disparities built up in a year.

Upon asking about the nature of their relationship with children, parents who didn't call their children disappointing had positive health impacts on their children. The positive health impacts also provided mental stability to children. Hagan said that parents are the role model for their children and they look at the world with their parent's perspective.

It is, therefore, necessary for parents to make a better connection with their children in order to help
them physically and mentally. San Francisco State University reported that Hagan suggests to pediatricians to take a step further than just routine checkups when children come to their clinics.

Hagan insisted that they should educate parents on the importance of their relationship with their children and its effects on their physical and mental health. Hagan and her team are looking forward to study the effects of the neighbors' attitudes on children with low socioeconomic environments.

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