HFMD Is On The Rise Alarming Parents Across Florida Claiming That They Were Unnotified

A viral outbreak of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease took place in a Florida school which causes alarm among parents. It was mentioned that the local school did not notify parents of the outbreak, which caused a backlash as some parents were upset that the safety of their children was compromised.

Parents whose kids attend Lakeview Elementary School in Sarasota were outraged stating that the school failed to notify them of ongoing influenza. It was then mentioned that the state itself failed to release a memo wherein the HFMD is continually becoming a widespread in the area according to The Stir.

Scott Ferguson, a communication's specialist, explained the rationale as to why the school remained mum in regards to the outbreak. He mentioned that the school does not usually notify the parents. The then clarified that they would make an announcement once the breakout would take place on a larger scale and they would then advise parents to let their kids stay at home once they would see the symptoms breaking out according to CBS Local.

"We usually don't inform parents about common illnesses that run their course in a few days, as this disease generally does," Ferguson stated. "When we do contact parents about symptoms appearing in relatively large numbers at their child's school, we may ask them to take certain precautions, including keeping their children at home if they are exhibiting certain symptoms."

HFMD does not have a given vaccine up to this date, but it is mentioned that it can be treated. According to WebMD, HFMD can be transmitted through saliva, open blisters, body fluid contact. The sore blisters can be salivated by an over the counter prescription and do too usually last more than a week.

"It usually starts with a fever, reduced appetite, sore throat, and a feeling of being unwell. One or two days after the fever starts, painful sores can develop in the mouth."

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