Google Drive to Backup Data From iPhones; Makes Switching From iOS to Android Easier? [DETAILS INSIDE]

By Chris Benjamin, Parent Herald December 14, 07:00 pm

The Google Drive app for iOS just got a new feature: it can now instantly backup contacts, calendar, and camera roll and store it in Google's cloud storage. The new feature is Google's way to help iOS users to make the switch to Android OS easier and more convenient.

According to the Verge, the Google Drive update will let iOS users backup data from their iOS devices so that when they buy an android device, their backed up data will be easily accessible from the Google apps. iOS users who plan to make the switch to Android no longer need to use other apps to transfer important data from their iOS device, reducing the inconvenience of switching devices.

In Google's updated guide to switching from iOS to Android OS, the switching as become a simple three-step process. But first of all, the iOS device must have the google Drive app downloaded.

According to the updated guide, first step in making the switch is downloading the Google Drive app from the the Apple Store. Once the Google Drive app has been completely downloaded, users will need to log in with the google account they will use in the Android device.

After logging in to the Google Drive app, open the backup wizard by going through menu>setting> backup. Once there, users will be able choose what data they can backup, or simply backup all data by clicking the "start backup" button. The Guide also mentions that the backup speed will depend on how much data is in the iOS device, so they recommend keeping the device plugged and with a stable internet connection.

After the backup, users can now log in on their Android phone using the same Google account they used in the Google Drive app on their iOS phones. This will allow the backed up data to appear into the Android phone under various Google apps. The guide also reminds users to disable iMessage on their iOS devices.However, as per the Verge, users will need to plug their iOS device directly to the android phone to transfer texts and music library. 

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