Tips And Tricks To Avoid Gaining Pounds In The Holiday Season

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 14, 05:59 pm

How can one stop the heart from craving those delicious delights? However, if you face any illness, in particular, those few pounds can be quite dangerous for an individual.

To keep health maintained and with food consumption along balanced lines, it is important to establish a proper healthy routine during the festive season, as suggested by The CBS Newyork.

The first and most importing step is carving out a schedule of course. For this, one needs to figure out their favorite foods and pen them down.The secret trick is to eat them repeatedly.

The may be surprising for someone who wants to cut down on extra fats, but the studies say that eating the same food, again and again, tires the body as it gets fed up with the consumption of regular food.

Trick number two is to calculate the number of calories taken in on a daily basis. Now matter how learned ones considers themselves to be regarding fitness and health, it's always vital to keep track of the calorie intake.

Pam O' Brien states that when people eat vegetables and fruits, they think that they are consuming fewer calories but that is not always right. Instead, one needs to substitute them for other foods from the list that reduce the total number of calories.

Lessening the intake of alcohol is very important as well. Restrict it to five to seven glasses a week, as it is considered as a healthy intake by NHS UK. Like a lubricant is necessary for the smooth movement of the vehicle, exercise is also important to keep the joints moving.

Make an exercise schedule. Don't go without training for more than two days. Exercise will help a person get in shape and will help them burn all the extra calories they consume throughout the day. Follow the schedule strictly. For the perfect amount of proteins and carbohydrates consumption, the above steps are mandatory and result determining.

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