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Claire Theobald

Teens/Young Adults  23 December '16

Adopt-A-Teen Drive Does Not Get Enough Donations For All Edmonton Teenagers; 4,791 Of Them Might Not Get Presents This Christmas

The Adopt-A-Teen drive did not get enough donations this year.

Shoppers Scurry For Last-Minute Christmas Purchases

Family Life  14 December '16

How To Build Personal Resilience Among Parents And Children During The Holiday Season

As people all over the world enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, early childhood specialist and Devereux Center for Resilient Children national trainer Nefertiti Bruce shares some tips on how to help parents and children to build resilience during the holidays.

How To Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holiday

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Gaining Pounds In The Holiday Season

No matter how health conscious and active you are, you will gain weight during the holiday season.

'Every 15 Minutes' to Prevent Teen Drunken Driving

Teens/Young Adults  11 December '16

Teen Stress And Depression: How Parents Can Help Teenage Kids Cope With Feelings Of Stress And Depression This Holiday Season

A research recently found that teenagers often experience higher levels of stress compared to adults. That’s why Dr. Jennifer Salerno shared some tips on how parents can help their children cope with stress or depression.

Time: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child This Holiday Season

Fun & Games  24 November '16

Time: The Best Gift Parents Can Give Their Child This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here and early shoppers are rushing to avoid the December Christmas rush.With time demanding parents' attention, the best gift a child can receive is TIME.

Child of Divorce

Family Life  23 December '15

The Effects Of Divorce On Children During The Holiday Season

Divorces take a large toll on children during the holdiay season, which sees them going from one half of their family to the other.

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