David Beckham Is An Angel, Working To Empower Kids Globally

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 14, 06:07 pm

Beckham tells that he was working for UNICEF when he first joined the profession of soccer. At the beginning of the season, Beckham went to Thailand, and there he visited a kid's shelter. The protection center was providing help and assistance to the children who had been victims of harassment and brutality.

The kids were almost five years in age. Beckham's son was just two at that time. It was at this point when Beckham's fatherhood sparked his aspirations to do something for the unfortunate children he saw in Thailand. What played a role in inspiring him was the efforts that the local staff was making to improve things for the children. David Beckham got influenced and got himself involved in the work.

After almost 15 years, David Beckham is still working for the organization and says he's really happy to be a part of it, as CNN The Edition reports. He launched his Funding program to provide the protection to the young ones.

Beckham's time playing the role of a UNICEF goodwill diplomat has been the most pleasant time of his life. He explains that UNICEF has done more than enough for aiding them. He has seen the deliverance of aids, seen the determined staff, and also witnessed them taking the pain for the kids.

According to The Mirror, he states that during this he has also met with some mothers and children suffering from some diseases, such as HIV. Even after all this work, Beckham describes his shock and sadness that some kids are still left out and every five of minutes a child's demise takes place,
untimely and tragic. He made this funding program because he wants to see the world where the young ones grow safe and sound. Provided with the best.

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