The Shocking Truth About The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes To Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who would like to quit smoking by resorting to using e-cigarettes are also putting their baby's life at risk, as per Dr. Manny Alvarez's words. Women should be aware of the many dangers smoking vapes could pose to both their health and their unborn child.

In an article published by Fox News, Dr. Alvarez, senior managing health editor of Fox News Channel, shared his thoughts about women smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy. Apparently, it is still not safe to smoke it even when it is not the usual cigarette or tobacco. One of the reasons cited is because the child inside the mother's womb would still be exposed to nicotine through it.

Nicotine is dangerous, as it contains main poisons that could damage the placenta. Another thing about it is that the government has not released strict regulations regarding the selling of e-cigarettes. This means that there could be other e-cigs with high dosages of nicotine that your unborn child could be exposed to. In that case, e-cigarettes are even more dangerous than the traditional cigarettes.

Dr. Alvarez is not the only one who would tell pregnant women to quit vaping because even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising the same thing. Everybody knows that quitting smoking is not easy, but it is a must that a pregnant woman makes a complete effort to stop it before it is too late for their baby's health. The CDC said, smoking, in general, could be dangerous to the unborn child, which is why even vaping is not safe during pregnancy.

For those who are thinking of a solution to their smoking problem while carrying a child, just do everything to quit tobacco use and never make a mistake of replacing your smoking habits with another one. Eat healthily and exercise to divert your urge from wanting to smoke another stick.

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