Simulated Infant Dolls Are Making Teenagers Discouraged To Be Teen Parents

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 15, 11:02 pm

A new way to help teens be aware of the life of being a teenage parent has been found by Kim Currie's Parenting and Child Development program. The method involves high-tech dolls that resemble the human baby. This has been an online sensation since December 14.

In an article published by The Times-News, these dolls made to educate and create a first-hand experience on a teenager with parenthood are called RealCare Infant Simulators. They are almost like a real life infant because they do what an infant does like cry, giggle, and burp. These dolls come with a wristband that is worn by students. It has a sensor that sends a signal to the back of the doll of the activities its handler is doing or should do. It also makes sure that it is only taken care of by one person assigned to it.

Everything is recorded by the sensory feature of the doll such as if the pretend-parent left it inside a hot car. It will also record activities like if it already ate, or its diaper has been changed and if the teen even held it the proper way. All these activities just made these dolls the closest to a real baby that anyone could ever experience.

LocalMomBlog said that the advantage of using these simulated dolls is that teens were so discouraged in being a parent for their age. They realized that it is a lot of work to be one. The dolls were assigned to them over the weekend, and it annoyed all of them to have to wake up and feed the baby whenever it gets hungry. They thought it was unfair and not normal for people their age to deal with such responsibility.

So far, everyone could conclude that this program with these high-tech dolls is a success in discouraging teens to get pregnant. What do you think about these dolls?

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