'Rock Dog' LATEST News: An Inspirational Journey Of A Dog As He Chases His Dream To Be A Musician [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald December 16, 04:20 am

Showing how one stops at nothing to achieve dreams and aspirations, it never fails to inspire many. Such never ending act of chasing dreams is infectious and motivational as well. This is represented by many forms, even in animated films. The movie "Rock Dog" is one refreshing, light film featuring a dog's desire to do whatever it takes to fulfill his dream.

The movie "Rock Dog" started as a radio fell from the sky. The dog, seeing how wonderful radio is in his life became inspired to break barriers and follow his passion.

According to Movie Insider, the movie "Rock Dog" continues on as the wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff saw the radio. After this, he leaves his home to become a successful musician. In his pursuit to become one, he meets and subjects himself into series of unexpected events.

The movie "Rock Dog" is already on its post-production stage. This means that the filming is already completed. Currently, music composition and recording together with visual effects are being added to complete the feel of the animated film.

As added by IMDb, the movie "Rock Dog" features the voices of Luke Wilson as the Tibetan Mastiff, Bodie. Other actors have also lent their golden voices to the film like Eddie Izzard as Angus, JK Simmons as Khampa, Lewis Black as Linnux, Kenan Thompson as Riff and many more.

 The animated film "Rock Dog" is directed by and written by Ash Brannon. Helping him with screenwriting is Kurt Voelker.

The movie "Rock Dog" is perfect for the family as it is it has Animation, Comedy and Family as its genres. The movie will have its nationwide release Feb. 24, 2017.

It is interesting to see the adventures Bodie will go through. This will be shown as the movie "Rock Dog" progresses. Will he be able to fulfill his dreams of becoming a musician is spite of the challenges he faces along the way? That's meant to be seen as the movie is shown on Feb. 2017.

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