'No Bump' Pregnancy Among Slim But Pregnant Celebrities Is A Dangerous Trend, Expert Warns

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 19, 04:10 am

There's a growing trend among slim but pregnant celebrities and it's one that an expert warns could be dangerous. Their images are splashed over entertainment magazines. Yet with no bumps or smaller baby bumps to indicate the pregnancy, it could set up unrealistic expectations for ordinary pregnant women.

Dr. Tatiana Lapa told Daily Mail that there are celebrities who present no bump even as they are six or seven months along. These celebrities make an effort to keep a slim figure and keep a strict watch over their pregnancy weight gain as appearance is important to the nature of their job.

"It enables these celebs to continue work such as filming and photo shoots," the doctor said. "A seemingly unchanging physique can also help minimize the scrutiny of the media," she adds.

The thought that celebrity moms hardly change their appearance while pregnant, however, could be putting pressure on ordinary moms who might see these famous mothers as their idols. Ordinary moms might emulate the same no bump trend as their favorite celebrities when the reality is pregnancy weight gain is an inevitable part of the whole process.

Lapa wants mothers to know that this weight gain is "totally normal" during pregnancy. It indicates a healthy progress and ensures that the baby is developing well inside the womb. It also ensures that there won't be any risks or complications to the pregnancy, including the potential of premature birth.

According to Huffington Post, part of the problem that contributes to this no bump trend is that media keeps showcasing these celebrity moms and their slim pregnancy. Pictures of famous pregnant mothers clad in bikinis are common contents of entertainment stories.

"They've still got a beautiful figure with just this little kind of pregnancy 'bump,'" Dr. Jayne Krisjanous told the news outlet. She also reminds mothers that these photo aren't showing the "full picture" of what pregnancy is really like, thus they must not go by these examples.

Keeping a slim figure while pregnant is achievable. What mothers must keep in mind, however, is that for this to happen, there should still be an effort to eat healthy for the sake of the baby. It's the same principle for when doctors advise moms not to overeat and gain too much weight during the pregnancy. The bottomline is a healthy weight gain gives pregnant moms an easier time during the birth as well as recovering after birth.

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