Pregnancy Alters Women's Brain In Preparation For Motherhood

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 20, 03:30 pm

A new study says that a woman's brain is influenced by pregnancy, which is why a woman's feelings, emotions, and perception towards certain things become different as soon as she starts carrying a baby in her womb. This paper has been making rounds all over the Internet on December 20 since it was presented to the public.

In an article published by The New York Times, this new study reveals that the reality of motherhood starts hitting a woman the moment she gets pregnant. The changes happening in her brain could stay the same way even after delivering her child, which usually last until the baby hits the toddler stage. Scientists also said that the more these changes are experienced by the mother, the chance of them developing a deeper emotional attachment to their child become even higher.

Medical Practitioners like Dr. Ronald E. Dahl of the University of California, Berkeley, said that this study is provocative and could even be true. According to LA Times, scientists used a woman's brain by scanning it before and after she gets pregnant and gives birth to her first child. Based on the scanned materials, they saw that a mother's brain loses some of the gray matter in some parts of the brain, as it works during an event when it is supposed to acquire and think of others and their way of seeing things.

Losing the gray matter in the matter could mean three things. One is that that gray matter has to go because they would only jeopardize the woman's health. Second is that it is an effect when the mother is stressed, hasn't slept or hasn't eaten right. And lastly, it could be the brain starting to get ready for the things coming in the future.

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