When The Child Poverty Unit Is Needed The Most, The Tories Are Scrapping It

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 22, 06:28 pm

Nations can be judged on the basis of how they treat their underprivileged children. No government in the world should neglect the matter. However, that is what is taking place in the United Kingdom in the 21st century.

One out of four children lives in poverty in Brittan. Studies suggest that if the situation goes on likes this the country's crises years lie far ahead of it. This is the effect of the government's verdict to put an end to the child poverty unit as exposed by Dan Jarvis.

It follows on from the elimination of the child poverty income targets as well as a number of policies that have targeted low-income families. For all that Theresa May has the correct expressions on helping families, according to her government has the incorrect policies and an essentially damaged view of how to deal with poverty and injustice.

Ministers have suggested that government should focus not only on income of the families but ways to eliminate poverty from its roots. Differing to conventional expression, the services provided by the child
poverty unit did under Labor was on the causes of poverty, according to Child Poverty Action Group.

Previous to 1997 the child poverty was increasing very slowly for years. Tony Blair's 1999 speech that demanded an end to child poverty, ministers from all across the government gathered together to worked on a plan to figure out a plan to eradicate child poverty.

According to The Guardian, childcare and employment support aided thousands of citizens to get into work which resulted in the major extension of childcare as well as in targeted employment support. If the rightists had chosen to improve the root causes that are the main reason behind of poverty that would have ended up giving quite better results.

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