Teresa Palmer's Unconventional Parenting Has 'Hacksaw Ridge' Actress Co-Sleeping & Hiking 3 Weeks After Birth

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 27, 04:00 am

Teresa Palmer gave birth to her second child only three weeks ago. But the "Hacksaw Ridge" actress, known for her unconventional parenting methods, was already planning a hike with her newborn postpartum. She has also been co-sleeping with her new baby and 2-year-old son in one big bed.

The actress shared her latest parenting habits in a blog post on Your Zen Mama. Teresa Palmer revealed that after Christmas, her family has plans to go hiking at Mt. Lofty, which is one of the highest ridges in Adelaide, her hometown.

Doctors' advice for moms who just had a baby to ideally go on a more rigorous hike after four weeks of the birth, according to Fit Pregnancy. Having a doctor's checkup before undertaking such a physical strenuous activities must also be done first, especially if the birth have had complications.

Teresa Palmer, however, is unlike other moms as she is used to this activity and has done so even while pregnant. "[It] will be my first bit of exercise since Forest was born," the actress shared on the blog. "The post-birth bleeding has almost totally subsided and I don't feel sore anywhere now," she added.

Teresa Palmer, who is married to actor Mark Webber, also shared that they have been co-sleeping as a family. Baby Forest and 2-year-old Bodhi are snoozing on the king-sized bed together with their parents.

Experts have pointed out that there is a danger in this practice as it can result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to Kids Health. But the star is unperturbed about the risks. Teresa Palmer believes that this is the best sleeping arrangement for them and they have done co-sleeping with their eldest as a newborn as well.

She reiterates that they follow the Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines in their spacious family bed. She also makes sure that while Forest sleeps, there are "no pillows anywhere near him." Watch the actress talk more about her latest parenting adventures in the video below.

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