Single Parent Struggles: When Is The Best Time To Introduce Your Child To Your Partner

Being a single parent can be a tough call, especially when you're working and raising the child on your own. Aside from your responsibilities as a parent, you would also have to deal with relationships. One of the most difficult things a single parent would have to deal with is dating.

Having a relationship while raising a child can be really challenging. There are several factors that you would need to consider since you are not only making a decision for yourself, as you would have to think of your child as well. Thinking of what other people have to say can also be challenging at times, as your parents, your ex and some of your colleague would tend to comment.

One of the biggest questions that most single parents have in mind is when would be the appropriate time to introduce your child to your significant other? It is not good to introduce your child to someone you've just met, or someone that you're just fond of. It is important to know the person deeply before letting him or her enter your child's life.

Before introducing the person you're dating to your child, make sure that your relationship is already stable. Try to make sure that what you have, is a long term, not only will your breakup affect you, but it will affect your child as well.

One of the most important points to consider is to take things slow, according to Parents. Make sure that you are ready to date and commit to a relationship. Don't rush things, to ensure that what you'll be coming to is something that's worth the wait.

You are not just having a new boy/girlfriend, but what you are doing is establishing a family. Make sure to spend enough time with your child to make him or her feel loved and not neglected.

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