Parenting Tips: Fun Ways To Cope With Speech Delay

Speech is one of the child's most important milestones. May it be their first word or just a simple coo, parents are thrilled upon hearing the child's first word. There are several indications as to what influence your child's speech delay.

Some maybe a bit slow in terms of developing their speech progress but there are some cases that you would need to consider when you should have your child checked. Imitation is one of the biggest factors that influence speech. Parenting plays an important role in enhancing your child's speech development. Baby talking your child plays a vital influence in your child's speech, thus making it a big no-no or at least have it minimized.

There are several daily activities that you can engage in to enhance your child's speech and avoid having speech delays, according to Smart Parenting. Patience and consistency are a must in enhancing your child's speech. Listed below are a few tips on how to avoid speech delay.

Talk to your child/ strike a conversation

Talking to your child often is one of the best ways to enhance speech. Once you would engage in a conversation; keep it flowing with words that he/she can easily comprehend. Instead of answering a simple yes or no question, elaborate your answer. If the child would state, "look a dog" instead of saying "yes," try answering, "yes, it is a big brown dog." Add adjectives and verbs as much as possible.

Read to your child

Reading to your child is a great way to avoid speech delays, according to Parenting. Don't just read, make it interactive wherein your child could participate and suggest. Enhance your child's speech and imagination.

Interact with other people

Take your child around the neighborhood and expose him/her to different people wherein he/she can interact with. If your child could not completely comprehend what the other person is asking/telling him/her, act as an interpreter and slowly repeat the words for your child to understand.

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