The Importance Of Education Among Immigrants In The United States

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald January 02, 11:17 am

Thousands of immigrants flocked the United States last year as they went through tough battles in their own countries. Though it was deemed as something that needs to be addressed, children are highly affected by the situation.

One of the most important thing that is being looked upon is the education that these children should receive. Thus, there are schools that were put up in lieu of the child-refugees.

The European and Middle Eastern refugee crisis made the headlines in 2015 and the issue is yet to be fully resolved. One of the most important factors that are being looked upon is the refugees' education, most especially the children.

"Refugee children in developing countries are some of the most educationally marginalized in the world," as mentioned in the Migration Policy Org. "More than half of the 57 million children who remain out of school globally live in conflict-affected settings."

The website also added that one of the things that are being highlighted in the literature of the education provided for the refugee children that moved to the United States needs to be checked as it is more focused on their post-arrival experiences. It was mentioned that these children need to be given proper education including psycho-social services, sense of belongingness and proper curriculum.

Children refugees are often displaced from their corresponding grade levels and are placed on a generic educational curriculum, which should not be the case. The children should also be given proper mental health follow-up in school as they were exposed to a violent situation back in their countries that can highly affect their overall mental health.

The Century Foundation is one of the organizations that prioritized the provision of early childhood education and care for the refugees that moved in the United States. Education is one of the most important necessities that should be provided for immigrants that can be of great help in terms of the children's overall growth.

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