Teenage Pregnancy Christian Program Expanding In Ohio

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 04, 06:30 am

The City Life Learner is a program in Franklinton that helps teenage mothers and other pregnant teenagers to complete their high school education and receive a diploma, as well as teaching them basic life lessons and information about meals. The organization operates in Ohio and in the future, 10 more locations are expected to house this program, according to Central Ohio Youth for Christ director Scott Arnold.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the program is very important since pregnant teens are often bullied at their school and this program allows them to acquire an education to avoid poverty after giving birth. In addition, the program is likely to decrease the chance of a subsequent pregnancy.

Some organizations account for a lower number of teen pregnancies while others report the cases are only increasing. Hence, such programs are highly beneficial.

The program has already graduated 73 teen mothers and around 30 of them even have a degree equivalent to the high school diploma. Most of these ladies have jobs too and some are even studying at colleges.

The program does not only provides a great place for the teenagers to leave their kids while they are at college or work. But it also allows them to have some close friends for both the mothers and the children.

One of the attendees of the program, Kaelyn, largely supported it and recommended it to other pregnant teenagers as well. The program even helps the girls earn points, which can be exchanged for necessary items.

As Brainy Child says, the organizer aims to help girls from ages 11 to 19 years and even offers catholic services in the program, which are of course, not mandatory to attend. The owners of the program stated that they had special love for people in distress and they understood the stress on a teenager's social and spiritual life during pregnancy and that is why they are openly willing to help.

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