How To Help Toddlers With Emotional Regulation And Dealing With Anger And Frustrations

Toddlers can be very aggressive. Parents and caregivers experience challenging toddler behaviors that include biting, pulling, hitting and throwing stuff, like toys. This is a question that is commonly ignored by most adults because they think that this is how toddlers normally behave.

Even though there are proper reasons behind their actions, toddlers feel they have no power or control over their environment and feel the pressure of not using the right words to express their wants and feelings. All of these trigger frustration in toddlers that lead them to behave aggressively, according to a report from Michigan State University.

Tantrums could be considered "normal" for this age group, however, if productive and pro-social ways are used to handle this situation, the results can be highly pleasant. Ignoring the sentiments of the toddlers and punishing them for inappropriate actions can only increase the tendency of such behavior.

Adults need to observe the children and know what causes the frustration in them. Positive reinforcement like talking and exploring can give insights to what potentially upsets them. Setting limits can also help. Letting the toddler know what behavior is unacceptable in an easy-going way can help the little ones in noticing and changing their actions, as per Parents Magazine.

The key is to be responsive and to address the situation immediately. If time runs out, the response will become unhelpful and could even reinforce aggressive behavior. It is also important that a direct contact is maintained with the child and a low tone is used. To get even better results, the element of humor can be approached.

Making every inappropriate action proper requires patience and positivity. Dealing with the situation calmly and closing with a positive feedback can encourage the child to do the right thing, letting go of frustration and anger effectively. According to a study, appropriate role modeling can make a difference and teaching toddlers how to manage and balance their emotions can lead them to a happier life.

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