Fetal Burial Laws Add To The Agony Of Women Who Experience Miscarriage Or Abortion

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald January 04, 07:22 am

Women who have to resort to abortion or unlucky enough to have a miscarriage are confronted with deep emotional and mental stresses already. Feeling of guilt, sorrow, pain and physical discomforts are enough to drive a failed mother crazy.   

The U.S. Supreme Court was obviously not concerned with this unfortunate plight of women. Texas law even restricted abortions and required women's health clinics to bury or cremate embryonic and fetal tissue from abortions following a funeral ritual — may it be from miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy surgery or others. It took effect on Dec. 19, 2016, according to Scary Mommy.

The Regulation burdens women who seek pregnancy-related medical care. It threatens women's health and safety by not providing a safe facility for tissue sampling to pathology or crime labs. It also obliges healthcare providers to offer a matching funeral service.

Abortion clinics are on the verge of closing down and public health or safety is not addressed. In fact, it adds to the difficulty of the already suffering patients by bearing the increasing costs.

Texas health officials justify their actions by reportedly protecting the "dignity" of the unborn. The law takes care only of the embryonic and fetal tissue that they may be buried like a full grown child unlike other amputated body parts, says Attorney Jan Soifer. Then they reverted into arguing that they can be refrigerated first before a mass burial to save cost - which is not so dignified at all.

There is definitely a widespread objection to the law not just from women groups but also from medical and legal entities. The laws offer no public health or safety benefit. They also increase the shame and stigma connected to the abortion.The funeral industry is not even happy about it.

Meanwhile, Mira Kelley, the best-selling author of "Beyond Past Lives," understands the trauma experienced by women surrounding abortion or miscarriage. She assures them that the child involved is not harmed. It is even enriched with the short stint on earth. The soul of the baby returns to the family to be born at the right time which is very comforting, as per Mama Glow.

What are your thoughts on fetal burial laws? Sound off below. 

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