Young Boy Dangles From A Ski Ride In Utah After Backpack Strap Got Caught On The Lift Chair

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 05, 08:26 am

A boy was seen in a new video dangling from a chair in a lift at a ski resort in Utah after his backpack got caught in one of the chairs. The boy was hanging from one strap of the backpack and the rescue lasted for minutes.

The area where this happened is said to be at the Sundance Resort in Utah. Clint Ashmead, one of the ski resort goers and was riding in the chair in front of where the boy got caught, said that the child was hanging down below the chair lift that was a couple of feet away from the ground, KTVU reported. Ashmead said that the other concern was the boy not just dropping from the lift but also being strangled by the backpack's strap.

The lift was immediately stopped and the ski patrol went to rescue the child. In the video, they attempted to place a ladder on the side of the lift to get to the child. The child, himself, also tried to free himself from his backpack. They also place a big green pad underneath the child so the pad could be a safe landing area if he fell.

The rescue lasted for six minutes before the boy was lifted back into his chair. The onlookers then burst into an applause after the rescue. The boy, on the other hand, stayed calm and kicked off his skis when he reached his seat, Fox 29 reported.

The boy was able to get off of the lift safe and sound. However, the child has yet to be identified.

Meanwhile, no statement has been released from the child or his family. It was unclear if the child was accompanied during the incident.

This is the second time that a young person got his backpack caught on the lift. The first incident took place weeks ago and it was also in the same resort.

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