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Riley Hancey

Children  14 April '17

Hospital Denies Utah Teen Of Undergoing Lung Transplant After Posistive Marijuana Test; Teenager Nearly Dies

A Utah teen tested positive for marijuana and he was supposed to undergo a lung transplant but the hospital denied it.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

Health/Nutrition  6 April '17

Utah Students Pushing For Medical Cannabis Usage; Connecticut Lawmakers Do Not Support Recreational Marijuana

Two bills related to medical marijuana were passed in Utah while lawmakers decided they will not support recreational marijuana legalization in Connecticut.

Utah Lawmakers Repeal No Promo Homo

School  10 March '17

Utah Lawmakers Repeal Law Banning Gay Discussions In Sex Education Classes, LGBT Supporters Commend Senators

The state has a law called "no promo homo" that disallowed advocating homosexuality in schools.


Family Life  20 February '17

Utah Republican Believes Equal Pay For Men, Women Will Do More Harm Than Good; Claims It's Bad For Families, Society

A Utah Republican contends equal pay for men and women will destroy families and the society.

Malia Obama

Teens/Young Adults  30 January '17

Malia Obama Attends Dakota Access Pipeline Protest During Sundance Festival

The 18-year-old daughter of former president Barack Obama was seen protesting with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Georgia teen

Teens/Young Adults  19 January '17

Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among Utah Teenagers? Experts Advise Parents To Speak To Their Kids About Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death among teens in Utah.

Sundance Ski Resort

School Age  5 January '17

Young Boy Dangles From A Ski Ride In Utah After Backpack Strap Got Caught On The Lift Chair

A boy was seen dangling from a few feet above the ground after his backpack was caught in a lift chair at a ski resort in Utah.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Utah High School Stabbing Update: 16-Year-Old Teen Who Injured Five Other Students Has Suicidal, Harmful Thoughts Since He Was Young

New updates were released about the 16-year-old who stabbed five other students at a locker room in Orem, Utah.

Corner Canyon High School

Teens/Young Adults  21 November '16

Car Turns And Tumbles Then Catches Fire; Five Teenagers Inside, Two Have Died

Two teenagers have died from a car accident in Draper, Utah.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  16 November '16

Utah High School Stabbing Incident: Why Did A Straight-A Student Stab Five Other Schoolmates? All Victims Expected To Survive

A Utah student stabbed five others at a high school.

Utah school shooting

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

Student Shot By Another Student Outside Of A Utah Middle School, Schoolmates Witnessed Shooting

A student was shot by a fellow student at Utah Middle School.

50th Anniversary Of CPR Marked In San Francisco

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Heart Attack Rates In America: Which U.S. Communities Have The Healthiest, Weakest Hearts?

Some cities in the United States have many residents with healthy hearts and aren't susceptible to heart attacks. Others, however, have people with weak hearts and are prone to heart attacks.

Anna Schmidt

Family Life  25 October '16

The Piano Guys’ Member’s Daughter Still Missing? Family Never Giving Up Despite Authorities Drop Search Due To Lack Of Trace

A member of the "Piano Guys" is not losing hope after his daughter has been missing for days and the authorities have dropped the search efforts.


Health/Nutrition  11 October '16

959 Pounds Of Lunchables Recalled By Kraft Heinz Due To Misbranding, Undeclared Allergens

959 pounds of Lunchables were recalled by Kraft Heinz due to allergy-related matters.

2010 Summer TCA Tour - Day 10

TV/ Movie  12 August '16

'Sister Wives' News: Kody Brown Wants US Supreme Court To Recognize Multiple Marriages; Browns Granted More Time To Appeal

Kody Brown is granted more time until Sept. 10 to file a petition of certiorari and have their polygamy case reviewed by the top court.

Luta Pela Paz Project Visit at Complexo de Mare - 2013 Laureus World Sports Awards

Autism  22 July '16

Autism And Sports: Autistic Boy Shatters Stereotypes Through Taekwondo

Three years of training made Ethan become so good in taekwondo that he began competing nationally. He won first place at his first national tournament in March 2013 and bagged the highest prize at the ATA World Championship in Little Rock, Arkansas early this month.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Body  20 July '16

Zika Patient Infects Family Member Who Looked After Him, Is There A New Way Of Virus Transmission?

Zika has spread from an infected man to another family member.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  11 July '16

First Ever Zika-Related Death in United States Reported in Utah

The first Zika-related death in the United States has been reported in Utah.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

Politics  7 July '16

Thirteen-State Coalition Steps Up The Legal Fight Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The 13-state coalition has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the Obama transgender bathroom policy's enforcement while the lawsuit is ongoing. Texas AG Ken Paxton said the Obama administration is equating the term "sex" with "gender identity" in federal laws.

New York Health Care Workers Receive 1st Wave Of H1N1 Vaccinations

Body  5 July '16

‘Ineffective’ FluMist Vaccine Blamed by Utah Parents For Daughter’s Death Due to Influenza

Parents from Utah are blaming the ineffectiveness of FluMist for the death of their eight-year-old daughter Mackenzie Coyne. The child died from influenza hours after she was diagnosed by doctors.

Celebrations Take Part Across Country As Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Family Life  3 June '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Gay Couples Still Struggle In Their Legal Standing As Parents

Some states have already made progress in expanding the parental standing of same-sex couples. Others. however, still do not recognize both LGBT parents in a child's birth certificate.

Mike Tyson's 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth - Live On Stage'

TV/ Movie  30 May '16

'Sister Wives' Season 7 Recap, News & Update: Meri Gives Kody A Present To Forget The Catfish Controversy

The last episode of "Sister Wives" Season 7 episode featured Meri making amends to the rest of the Browns following the catfishing controversy.

California Distributes Free Inhalers To Underserved Asthma Patients

Mind  30 May '16

Utah Department of Health: Asthma, Mental Illnesses Are Directly Correlated

A recent study in Utah claims that asthma and mental health issues, specifically depression, are directly linked to one another. Health experts also reveal useful tips on how asthma sufferers can limit their bouts with anxiety.

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