Are Parents More Important Than Children In A Family Unit?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 05, 10:10 pm

Contrary to the popular belief, children are not the glue that holds a family together. It is actually the parents who are the most important part of a family.

If parents are asked the question about the most significant members of their family, their answers are almost always the kids. However, this approach is not the right one and can even lead to potential problems in the household, as it was recently found.

According to Northwest Arkansas Gazette, the main concept is that parents believe that their marriage and family are surviving solely because of their children. This makes their marriage and relationship lose meaning as if the only reason they are together is their child.

The publication wrote parents need to understand that it is actually them who hold the family together and play the most crucial role. Without them, their children would not have the necessities and luxuries of life that contribute to make the household a happy one. Hence, if parents were not there, children could live a desolate life. 

Another major reason why the concept of making the children the most significant part of the family is wrong is due to the possibility that the idea could make them feel entitled. This might make them grow up to be very demanding people who will not work hard enough for what they want. Neither the child nor the country as a whole needs this idea to be instilled in the minds of the kids.

In earlier times, when the parents were considered the most important part of a family, the relationship od a household was much stronger than today, according to Huffington Post. Family dinners were revered, parents loved and talked to each other more and everything had its own due significance in the house.

Today, however, the idea that children are the utmost priority, everything revolves around them. One way or another, everything is connected, making the essence of other important things in a family invisible.

Do you agree that parents are more important that children when it comes to a family? Please share your thoughts below. 

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