What To Do If Your Child Is A Cyberbully

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 08, 07:19 am

Parents usually know what to do when their children become targets of online bullying. However, not too many parents know how to deal with cyberbullying when the perpetrator is their child. While there is too many information about dealing with cyberbullies, little information is available when the source of the bullying is one's own child.

Nicola Jenkins, a mother who has gone public about having a bully child, narrated how a tutor called her up to tell her the not-so-nice messages sent between her daughter and two of her friends. Her daughter denied the accusation but she later found out that the nasty message was indeed true.

Internet Matters, a non-profit organization, said that one of every five children aged 13 to 18 years old has experienced being bullied online. According to BBC News, Internet Matters general manager Carolyn Bunting said parents should talk to their children about what is causing their outburst and anger online.

It is important to make the children aware that cyberbullying is not only unacceptable but it could also get them into serious trouble. Pure Sight said some children who are into cyberbullying could also be victims, whose only way to get even is through the internet.

Parents who discover that their child is bullying others should not just tell the child to stop cyberbullying. It is also important to acknowledge that a problem exists and this should be addressed.

Parents usually discourage their children from confiding in them because they sometimes overreact or even under react to situations. Stop Cyber Bullying said most children believe telling their parents about cyberbullying will only make the problem worse. So, parents need to understand that a child who is experiencing cyberbullying need someone to depend on and parents should show the much-needed support at this time.

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