New Hampshire Dad Fired From Work For Attending Birth Of Son Gets Job offers

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 07, 10:21 pm

A man from new Hampshire, who was recently fired from work because he opted to be present during his son's birth, has now been flooded with job offers. Lamar Austin, who worked for private security group Salerno Protective Services, was supposed to be on-call during his trial period for work with the company. However, he failed to be present for his weekend shift as his wife Lindsay has gone on labor beginning Friday evening.

Austin's case got mileage from the media not only because of the labor issue but because his son Cainin was the State of New Hampshire's first born for 2017. While he got a text message saying he was fired from work, Austin said he may have lost something but gained something better.

"I don't think they should have to be worrying about financial issues right now; it should be a joyful time for them," Sara Persechino, former town board member and paid family leave advocate said, before adding, "I don't think anyone should ever have to choose between their family and their job." Persechino has spearheaded the launching of a fundraising campaign for Austin's family with GoFundMe.

Independent said the International brotherhood of Electrical Workers offered an apprenticeship opportunity for Austin. He also received three employment opportunities. Lindsay Austin, his wife, said it was hard to accept that her husband got fired. However, she said she was thankful for all the blessings they have received after the incident.

Concord Monitor featured Austin's story and this got a lot of support from the community including the legislature. Lindsay said she hopes that a law will be passed so that other men who are providing for their families no longer have to experience the same in the future.

Senator Dan Feltes said Senate Bill 416, which was introduced during the last session of the legislature, aims to offer working arrangements that are flexible to address similar situations. However, The Sun revealed New Hampshire does not offer much legal protection to workers since employees are legally allowed to dismiss their workers anytime.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe campaign for Austin has already raised $2,000 and the amount is expected to help the family during this time. As for Austin's employer, they refused to comment on his case.

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