Researchers Dig Into The Credibility Of Morning Sickness Pills

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 10, 06:54 am

Getting pregnant might sound fun and easy but dealing with it is a very challenging task. So, all the women who want to get involve in this might want to bring the morning sickness situation into question. It is so not easy to deal with it and now pills can't even be trusted to be effective.

Even though not all pills should be criticized, questions started to arise when one medicine called Diclegis has been deemed wrongly approved. FDA approved the workings of this specific morning sickness pill using an unpublished study as the supporting evidence of its efficiency.

Yahoo News even revealed that Kim Kardashian got paid to help promote Diclegis through Instagram posts. Unfortunately, the reality superstar "forgot" to mention its various risks and limitations.

Diclegis reportedly contained antihistamines and vitamin B6 but the effects were never extensively explained as the study that supported the pill was never published. That's why the FDA called the attention of Kardashian, asking her to revise her Instagram posts by adding information that completely explained the effects and uses of the drug.

The side effects of the morning pill Diclegis might not pose a really serious threat. However, they also cannot be completely relied upon.

Aside from the effectivity of the pills, the issue also highlighted the biggest question on how the FDA approves the drugs that are commonly used. The observation made it certain that every single person has to be really careful in choosing any medicine so they can protect themselves.

Meanwhile, NPR revealed the best option for morning sickness is to use traditional methods. These included drinking water and nibbling dry toast or crackers. However, if the situation gets way out of hand, it is best to talk to a doctor without any further delay.

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