New Research Reveals Gender Pay Gap Is Reduced To 5% But Parenting Penalty Continues

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 06, 08:14 am

Recently, the gap in the salaries generated due to gender disparity has decreased.  For those employees who are in their twenties, there has been a reduction in the gender salary gap up to 5 percent. However, this trend in salaries is only limited to the people in their 20's and the older workers are not benefiting from it.

A study, as reported by Personnel Today, was recently conducted that aimed to determine the wages of women per hour across different generations, compared to men. The findings indicated that over the years, the discrepancy in the wages between male and female is decreasing but at a very slow pace.

Furthermore, various studies conducted have shown some improvement. Although it might be slow, it is steadily progressing. For ages between 30 and 40, there existed a huge gap between the salary paid to males and females for the same kind of work. Despite the decrease in the difference between gender pays for people in twenties, the gap increases with age.

Hence, it implies that females will still earn less than their male equivalents later in their career. The "parent penalty" is also there, which further leads to a reduction in the salaries.

As breaking100news suggests, it is generally believed by the official authorities at the Human Rights Commission that as generations progress, the policy makers should devise and enforce policies that help bridge the gender pay gap. Even though the news about the said gap is quite positive, it should also stay be maintained.

As a matter of fact, the Human Rights Commission has demanded around 250 companies to collect data about the salaries of their employees and submit it. The move will reportedly help to further abolish the gender pay gap as the practices of different organizations regarding wages and payments will be highlighted clearly.

So, what are your thoughts on the gender pay gap? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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