New Islamic State Video Emerges Showing Toddler Killing Prisoner In An Abandoned Playground

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 10, 05:51 am

A new terror video was released by the Islamic State (IS) and it showed a toddler being handed a gun then subsequently killing one of their prisoners. The area where the video was taken looked like an abandoned playground and the prisoner was shot in the head point blank.

Daily Mail reported the video was seemingly produced for the purpose of showing how they are training young people to kill. The video was made in such a way that it would incite disgust and fear as the child and the prisoner were strategically placed in an abandoned playground in Syria to make it look like the toddler should have been playing rather than killing a person.

The child was first seen walking across the playground then stands a few feet away from the prisoner. The prisoner was tied to a fence while the toddler was given a gun by an IS militant. The child then took an aim at the prisoner's head and pulled the trigger. The face of the victim was no longer shown before the video ended.

Screen shots from the video were published on an IS-owned Twitter account that has the handle @Raqqa_SL. The caption says, "new #ISIS propaganda video make small children Slaughtering And executed people #syria #ISIL' (sic)." But It remained unclear if the video was authentic and if the prisoner was really a victim who died from the shooting.

The video came after Iraqi forces were able to retake another part of the country. The eastern end of the southernmost bridge in Mosul, Iraq was said to have been taken back by the Iraqi forces.

According to Daily Mirror, this was not the first time the IS released video showing children executing their prisoners. Children across Syria have been taken by the IS and brainwashed in order to make them their child soldiers. The trainings reportedly involved regimes, early morning call times, studying and physical exercises.

Last December, a 15-year-old, who was set up to be a suicide bomber but his bomb failed to detonate, talked about being in the camps of the IS. He said the militants taught him to use automatic weapons and promised to be given rewards in heaven after they died. He noted that they were urged to watch beheading videos.

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