Are Wahakura Bassinets Safe For Babies? Study Says So

A study made by the Otago Polytechnic and the University of Otago confirmed the Wahakura or flax bassinets are safe even for infants. The researchers found the risk behaviors of infants were the same in both the bassinets and the Wahakura. They also noted the infants who slept in the Wahakura did not only sustained but also increased breastfeeding.

The study on the safety of Wahakura bassinet was published in a scientific journal Pediatrics. The researchers confirmed that parents can use the Wahakura as an alternative to sharing the bed with their infant as it is a lot safer. This bassinet is the perfect alternative for those who fear the Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI).

The study was conducted on 200 pregnant women from New Zealand, who were all given the bassinet for their infants. An infrared video was placed on their homes to check the safety indications for the babies including sleep position and head covering. It was concluded that it was safe and its use helpful among people in high-risk situations.

"The study was motivated by the concern that Māori and other indigenous populations have greater rates of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)," Dunedin School of Medicine head Professor Barry Taylor said. "This is likely due to the high prevalence of bed-sharing where there has been smoking in pregnancy - a combination that is a major contributor to risk."

According to Scoop, those who are culturally predisposed to bed-sharing should consider the crib. It provides the needed proximity and safe space for sleeping to the infant since it can be used in the bed of the parents.

Medical Xpress said the findings of the study will hopefully encourage parents to use the crib for their infants. Governments were also urged to come up with policies that will encourage its use.

Meanwhile, a Safe Sleep Program is being developed by the Ministry of Health. Hopefully, the findings of the study will be considered in the creation of the program.

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